what to do with和how tdeal with的区别

what to do with和how to deal with的区别:how to deal with it这是对方式状语提问的,用什么方法去处理;what to do with it这是对内容提问的, 对它,如何处理——指要做些什么。

what to do with和how to deal with的用法

do with 常与连接代词 what 连用,而 deal with 常与连接副词 how 连用,如:

1 .I don’t know how they deal with the problem .(= I don‘t know what they do with the problem .)我不知道他们如何处理这个问题.

2 .He is easy to deal with .(= He is easy to do with .这时“do”是不及物动词)他是容易相处的人.这两个词组在使用时有细微的差别.一般地说,do with 表示“处置”、“忍受”、“相处”、“有关”等.